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Cooking means creating. Experimenting and perfecting. The Chef designs his signature dish with unbridled passion. Exclusively and artistically, with a dash of rebellion. Cooking is very much like creating art. That is why the Chef needs no less than a state-of-the-art kitchen, made to his and his team’s every need.

Ever since 2003, Maes Inox designs stainless commercial kitchens for starred restaurants, company restaurants and the catering industry. Every kitchen is custom-made and as unique as the artist working in it every day. We have our own workshop in Harelbeke (Belgium) and only use top-quality materials. This way, a kitchen made by Maes Inox enables excellent craftmanship.

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your preference

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eye for detail

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combine materials

Custom Stainless Steel

Each Chef sets his own objectives, develops his very own philosophy. And for his kitchen, he has very specific needs indeed. At Maes Inox, our designers eagerly follow the customer every step of the way. It all starts from a blank page with endless possibilities. Every kitchen results from this unique co-creation, custom-crafted to perfectly meet the Chef and his team’s standards.

Ben Martin

Having a Ben Martin in your kitchen means carefree cooking on a highly powerful, multifunctional and high-tech induction stove. Maes Inox has developed this furnace in close cooperation with the best professional Chefs. Therefore, a Ben Martin always holds the most innovating technologies in an exclusive design. And of course, every stove is custom-made in high-quality stainless steel.

multi functional

Ben Martin Gastro System


exclusive design


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We are proud to come across 4 references with which we have devised and installed the kitchen, national and international!


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