Maes Inox: always on trend

Maes Inox is a trendsetter!

In 1993, Herman Maes starts his own company in Harelbeke (Flanders, Belgium) as an importer of exclusive furnaces. Soon afterwards, his plans become even more ambitious. Ten years later, Maes Inox already has its own workshop, where high-quality stainless steel kitchens are custom-designed and carefully crafted by hand. But Herman still wants to offer more. So, he starts developing a high-tech induction stove that has to exceed the wildest expectations of all leading Chefs: the Ben Martin.

Now, Maes Inox has grown into a leading expert when it comes to custom-made commercial kitchens. Whether it be restaurant, industry or catering kitchens. And the Ben Martin stove is being praised worldwide because of its grandeur and durable design.

Moreover, designers and technicians today still are cooperating intensively with all the great Chefs around the world to optimize their professional kitchens. Ever so eager to innovate.

"Maes Inox : Custom kitchens for passionate chefs!"

Full service, from design to maintenance

Furthermore, Maes Inox offers its customers a full service: from design to maintenance. Absolutely nothing is being left to chance along the way. Every dream kitchen starts with a clear vision, an idea shaped in the Chef’s mind. It’s now up to the designer to translate this vision precisely on the screen. His 3D-sketches are tailored to the tastes of the customer. Therefore, he keeps communication wide open. Right until another unique kitchen is born.

Next comes the production phase in Maes Inox’s very own workshop. Here, a team of skilled craftsmen bring the design to life. They especially pay attention to a high-quality finishing and a strict timetable. Needless to say that a Maes Inox kitchen also complies with the latest regulations on hygiene, safety and the environment. A team of technicians will eventually install the kitchen accurately. They make sure everything works properly and stay at the customer’s disposal any time after that. Because Maes Inox guarantees 100% professional service and support.

Maes Inox: 100 % customer-based

  • ● Exclusive & custom-made design

  • ● Lifelong top quality

  • ● On trend & innovative

  • ● Reliable partner

  • ● Full service & support